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Go Shavy™ - Extra Heads

Go Shavy™ - Extra Heads

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10x faster than regular shaving

Our technology ensures fast and painless shaving, the Goshavy will lightly glide across your skin taking off the hair in the process.

Micro Oscillation Blades

Enjoy guaranteed painless shaving using the Goshavy, due to the small size of the blades it avoids your skin getting trapped inside of it like most other shavers on the market do.


Introducing Sensa-Light technology, used as an intelligent hair detection system that ensures gentle,effective, and safe hair removal by activating the device's blades only when in contact with the skin. 

Unrivalled Precision

Guarantee your comfort with our advanced SmartSkin™ technology. Experience an unparalleled, long-lasting smoothness even on the most sensitive parts. No more worries about skin irritation or frequent touch-ups.


👩‍⚕️ Dermatologist approved and endorsed

No more ackward days! Stay Smooth on the Go:you can now shave anywhere!!🍑

1 Head Pack

1x Trimmer head

1x Precision Microfoil Shaving head


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Frequently asked questions

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely, the GoShavy hair eraser is suitable for every kind of skin even with sensitive skins (tattoos included)

Does it hurt using it?

Enjoy guaranteed painless shaving using the Goshavy, due to the small size of the blades it avoids your skin getting trapped inside of it like most other shavers on the market do, this is especially useful for your most sensitive areas where the Goshavy will do wonders!

When is the best time to use it?

Enjoy painless shaving at any time and anywhere just make sure your skin is dry when using it for optimal results.

Does it have any side effects?

Our Goshavy hair eraser is specifically designed to be gentle and safe for everyone and has absolutely no side effects!

Is GoShavy an epilator?

GoShavy is a painless hair remover solution, using a micro-oscillation technology to gently remove unwanted hair on the skin surface.

I have strawberry skin, will this work for me?

It will! It actually improves the appearance of strawberry skin that you usually get from waxing.

Replace the head and microfoil heads:

To change/replace heads, place thumbs on unit's back, push gently upwards. Head will separate from body and click into position. If sensa motion isn't functioning, reverse the head.

Awkward Free

Keep what is yours to yourself. No more recurring, expensive and awkward appointments with laser clinics.

  • Nancy J

    Two weeks since i got mine , I now use this Goshavy thingy every other day . Goes with me everywhere now HAHA. always ready for quick trim


  • Jovel Abuso

    Darlings, This is 100% a must have gadget to have with you. Oh the boys love me even more now. Works a treat , painless and gets rid of hair really well. Thank you


  • Jerold Mendoza

    Unreal. To be honest, how a device this small removes hair soo well , Its still a mystery. But sure thing i happy to have found this baby via my Gf.


  • Rey Chavez

    At first akala ko same lang ng mga nabibili online . to my surprise sobrang kinis at pati roots ay natatanggal gamit ang microfoil head . one of the best investment for myself Thank you GoShavy


  • Tricia Pascual

    Ginagamit ko sa aking Kiffy grabe inaraw araw ako ni Jowa bumalik ang dating sigla . Salamat!


Don't be shy , Men too

Your heard it you. Don't be shy . if you are a men , this works for you too . Who doesn't appreciate a man that grooms himself down there.

Get my GoSHAVY Device


Goshavy London no.1 Hair Remover in London now here in the Philippines with Stop hair growth and No-itch cream to reduce redness and itchiness. ELIMINATE AWKWARD SCRATCHING